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Curriculum Intent and Rationale

Our curriculum ensures that ALL children love learning and build new knowledge and skills effectively in order to contribute to and access all the opportunities that modern Britain and the wider world offers.


So that children learn, the curriculum is engaging, accessible and relevant, with a key focus on children understanding and remembering what they have learnt. We recognise that children learn in a variety of ways and at different paces, so the curriculum is designed to meet the needs of ALL learners. Knowledge remains at the heart of our curriculum, ensuring that over time children learn more, remember more and do more.



The curriculum also plays a key role in developing character and skills to succeed in life. Onepriority is for all children to be secure readers; because of this, reading opportunities are woven through each subject area. Other aspects of the curriculum support children to be safe and make safe choices.





So that positive aspects of children’s character are valued and developed, our PRIDE values are linked throughout the curriculum.  By the end of Year 6, all Grestone Learners are equipped to be successful in their next steps.


What does this look like in practice?

The curriculum is built up of coordinated units of learning across the subjects and year groups. As children progress, these units that build knowledge and skills, fit together like a jigsaw, ensuring children form an increasingly secure understanding within different subjects.


Lesson by lesson, week by week, children experience a mix of learning new knowledge and skills through:

  • engaging lessons that build upon what they already know to extend their understanding
  • experiences that hook children in, engage and extend their thinking
  • themed days and trips dedicated to a particular event or subject area



This combination is well thought through and planned so children make good progress in their learning. For this to be true for all learners, the high quality curriculum can be adapted to be accessible for children’s differing needs. This means everyone is included, learning alongside their peers and sharing their new knowledge in a variety of ways.



The wider curriculum at Grestone brings together the following subjects:

English Maths Science
Art Geography History
Music DT PE


 MFL- French


  Click on the links to explore more about the individual subjects and how they fit in with this overview.

If you would like to find out any further information about the Curriculum which you cannot find within the above pages, please arrange an appointment with your child's phase leader. The phase leaders are:

Phase Phase Lead

Nursery and Reception

Ms D Murdock

Years 1 and 2

Ms S Foulkes
Years 3 and 4 Mrs A Sansi
Years 5 and 6 Mrs M Simpson-Lewis