Grestone Academy








We want every child to become enthusiastic learners of French and develop an appreciation and love of learning a new language. Our curriculum supports children to develop confidence and enjoy practical speaking and listening opportunities that build up language skills. Across Key Stage 2, children develop an extensive vocabulary and an ability to read, write and speak in sentences. For this to happen, French lessons are exciting and interactive, where children are able to hear, rehearse and repeat.

Learning a new language also supports children to develop perseverance and an understanding of other cultures and societies. Through the curriculum, the focus on language provides opportunities to celebrate and value the diverse languages of children across the school.



At Grestone, French is valued and protected and curriculum time reflects this. All children study French each week in quality lessons guided by The Rising Stars French framework. This curriculum builds children’s vocabulary and understanding in a well sequenced way through audio, video, role plays and games. There is a real practical focus on children speaking and rehearsing their newly found language skills. Across Key Stage 2, different units piece together to build a developing ability to understand and speak French. By the time they move to Secondary school, they have developed a proficient level of French and an appreciation of learning a new language.