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Maths plays a key part in every child’s development and at Grestone we want to support all our children to believe in their own Maths ability, and be equipped with the skills to become confident and able mathematicians who enjoy mathematical challenge.

For this to be the case, our curriculum equips children with the necessary knowledge and understanding so they can tackle calculations, problem solve and reason with ease and confidence. The approach we use means that all are able to master key concepts and ideas, linking together what they learn to ensure they have a solid mathematical understanding.



Children learn key objectives each year in line with the National Programmes of Study. We use White Rose Maths materials to help guide this. In each lesson, children are given opportunities to learn strategies to enable them to be fluent in each area of Maths. In the same lesson, children are then given opportunities to apply their Maths reasoning, and use their new found strategies in problem solving contexts.

Our Maths curriculum is organised so children develop an increasing understanding of the different areas of Maths across time. Key aspects of Maths are revisited each year allowing children’s previous understanding to be extended.

The curriculum is designed to ensure children know and understand, rather than just be able to ‘do’. Each lesson reinforces previous learning and introduces new strategies through direct teaching and modelling, before children practise and rehearse the skill in a variety of different ways.

The curriculum is accessible to all learners; children learn the same key concepts and teachers provide scaffolding and relevant support as necessary to meet different needs.

If you were to come in to a Maths lesson, you would see children engaging in lots of opportunities for ‘Maths talk’ and exploring using resources. A key feature of Maths lessons that support all to progress is the use of CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract). Children use manipulatives, pictures and numbers to explore and demonstrate mathematical ideas to deepen their understanding. Concrete resources help children to visualise what’s being taught to start with, before understanding is supported by pictorial representations. We know children have a sound understanding when they can calculate mentally, record calculations, problem solve and explain their reasoning.


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