Grestone Academy







At Grestone we provide a fun high-quality education that aims to inspire all children to achieve and excel in PE and appreciate the value of physical health and well-being. We foster an environment where all children are nurtured and made aware of their talents. This is true for both able sports people and those who might be reluctant to participate. We recognise the role PE and exercise plays in support their health and well-being. This is why our curriculum is designed to engage all children. Our PE lessons provide opportunities for children to demonstrate respect for one another in a variety of different and diverse environments and develop their self - confidence as well as a thirst for learning in a physical way. 


Fun high - quality education takes place through a range of sporting activities, including dance, gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activities, striking and fielding games, invasion games and net and wall games.  Every half term pupils take part in two sporting disciplines, ensuring that they are exposed to a wide range of activities that meet the objectives set out in the National Curriculum. We work alongside Hamstead Hall and have a variety of specialist sports coaches working with children to enhance the curriculum.


As well as having great value for children’s health and well-being, the curriculum also provides children with the opportunity to develop other additional skills. Children are encouraged to work independently and co - operatively with others and be positive ambassadors for our school, whether that be during inter or intra school events (like the School Games). Lessons aim to build resilient learners who are willing to persevere even when they find it difficult. In addition, children in Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to become play leaders, where they develop the skills of teamwork, co-operation and communication. The curriculum aims to develop a wide variety of skills in a variety of sports.