Grestone Academy






Vision & Ethos

Grestone Academy- PRIDE IN ALL WE DO

We are here to ensure our children enjoy school, love learning and achieve so they can contribute to and access all that Modern Britain offers.


Overarching Vision

At Grestone Academy, we are proud of all our children. We want them to achieve in every area regardless of their starting point, by providing them a creative and challenging education within a caring and inclusive environment.

We want our children to be positive, confident and successful citizens. We believe in equipping them to be resilient and adaptable and to value themselves and others, developing into responsible and independent individuals who communicate well.

We want our children to love being at school, enjoying broad and memorable experiences that unlock the potential within them and equip them for life in modern Britain.


Staff Team

Our team have high expectations and aspirations for all children. We are committed and empowered to deliver challenging, engaging and exciting experiences that extend and enrich the learning and lives of our children.

We are made up of individuals who are positive, patient and reflective practitioners, who take responsibility and play their part in leading by example. 


Parents and Environment

Parents and the wider community play an integral part in the life of our school. Their input is valued and we work together as one to support our children in every way. Open and positive communication ensures all are included and valued.


We want the best for our children so our school environment must reflect that. We are proud of our setting: it’s bright, colourful, stimulating and safe for all. Our physical environment enables us to enjoy all we do.



The curriculum at Grestone is broad, balanced and personalised to be meaningful for our children. All are inspired by learning that is challenging, engaging and enjoyable.

The skills and knowledge based curriculum enables children to communicate effectively and develop enquiring minds. Our school PRIDE values of perseverance, respect, independence, diversity and excellence underpin and permeate through the curriculum to empower and provide children with lifelong skills for success.