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Grestone Pupils Celebrate Orthodox Easter!

Some of our pupils shared with us this week how they celebrated Orthodox Easter this weekend:

Mrs Rajput in 6R said "Some children have been telling me they went to church and then at home they celebrated by having a boiled egg. One child told me they placed a red (coloured) egg into a cup of water with some money. Whoever is the last one to wake up gets the money. Lots of eating went on!"

Mrs Fareed in 5F said "I spoke to Fernando and Anastasia today, they told me that they had a big family celebration over the weekend. They start the day by standing in a circle and praying for things that they want from God i.e. good health, wealth etc. They then have a family meal where members of the family indulge in wine and bread and spend time with loved ones."


Today, one of our Year 6 pupils, Tanya in 6TL, shared with us what she and her family will be doing tomorrow:

"Tomorrow, I'm going to be celebrating a festival which links with Easter; it is about us gathering round together. My Grandpa and Grandma have to make a loaf of bread and decorate it. Then, we kiss the bread in a cross and pour some wine in the middle which will bring us good luck when we eat it. We celebrate this because it is a sign of us loving God. My family and I are going to go to Armando's house because he also celebrates this festival. We will eat, drink and dance!"