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Nurture Club

This term, we have introduced a new lunchtime club; Nurture club will focus on kindness, friendship and acceptance.


wc 7th June 2021

This week, in Nurture Club we got to know each other a bit better. The children stood in a circle and threw a ball to a chosen person then asked a question, for example "What is your favourite food?" 

We also played a team building game; the children stood in a circle, holding hands and without breaking the chain they had to get a hoop around the circle. They helped each other manoeuvre the hoop over their heads, to step through it and to the next person. We had a lot of fun; they were cheering each other on and supporting the each other.

Once the games had finished, they lay on the floor listening to calming music and were asked to think about something that made them happy.

wc 24th May 2021

This week the children played two different board games.

One group played 'Acting out' - they took turns to roll a die and moved that number of spaces, they then spun the wheel to pick an emotion and acted out what it said, for example; "I left my library book at home." the emotion 'Angry'. 










The children enjoyed this game, all were confident to act out their emotions and encouraged their peers.

The other group played 'What makes a good friend?' - they took turns to roll a die, moved forwards, they explained when their friend displayed those characteristics, for example; 'Good listener'.

 wc 17th May 2021

This week the children were asked to think about what makes a good friend. They thought of different words that make us a good friend such as 'kind', 'good listener', 'helpful', 'always sharing'.

They wrote the words that related to them on to a hand and completed a sentence saying why they were a good friend.

They worked well together and discussed why these words meant they were good friends.

wc 3rd May 2021

Children had an introduction to the club . They talked about how they felt during lockdown time and how they were feeling now that they were back in school with their friends.

Some children said that they had been sad during lockdown and had wanted to come back to school to be with friends. They had expressed feelings of

loneliness during lockdown but all of the children were happy to be back at school!