Grestone Academy






Reception Ash End Farm trip

On 30th March, the Reception children visited Ash End Farm as part of their topic 'All Creatures Great and Small'. Having looked after chicks from eggs to hatching in the classroom, the children were so excited to see a working farm and chicks in the wild!

During the trip, the children attended a bird talk where they looked at different types of owls. They also walked around the farm and learnt about different animals and their young and what animals provide us in terms of food and drink. The children were thrilled to get the chance to feed some of the animals too! 

"I really liked feeding the animals." – Diana (RR)

"I liked the owl the best." - Jules (RB)

"I liked the snake and the lizards." - Gurvir (RR)

"I liked getting a egg to take home!" - Sara (RB)