Grestone Academy






YPP Council House Visit

As members of the HAOS, Grestone Academy had 5 delegates invited to attend the YPP at "The Council House" in the City Centre on 7th December 2022.  The theme for the visit was focusing on "Loving our community, Loving our World". The students were involved in a range of activities that will enable them to become active representatives for both Grestone Academy and their local; community as well as gaining an important understanding of government and democracy. Our students took part in active discussions and debate around local, national and global issues affecting young people. 

Grestone Academy YPP delegates represented the school and their community in an excellent manner. They were well-spoken and very confident in debates and discussions. They took part in making manifestos and sharing their pledges as delegates to inspire them to become future leaders of their communities. They also got to meet and question Councilor's Liz Clements, Susan Thompson and others about what challenges they face and how they will help to improve the local community by tackling poverty, lack of educational resources, access to communal services for young people and further giving platforms to be heard and involved in politics locally and nationally. 

During lunch they had a chance to attend the German market and explore the festivities and then also got a tour of The Council House and went to see the Lord Mayors Office. We should be very proud of how the delegates represented the school, their community and their families. They should they are taking Pride and Being their best.