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Year 1 Trip to Lower Drayton Farm

Year 1 Lower Drayton Farm Trip

On 11th May, Year 1 visited Lower Drayton Farm as part of the Health for Life Scheme and their Science topic, 'Animals'.

The children were able to take a guided tour around the farm, getting to talk to the farmers and then riding a tractor! 

They looked at various animals learning different facts about where they live, what they eat and what they produce - they even got to pet and feed some of the animals, such as sheep, guinea pigs, rabbits and ponies.

They went on a mini beast hunt where they learnt the names and facts about different insects.

Towards the end of the day, the children has the chance to play with one another in the play area - they also found Mr Bird running around the soft play and going down the slides!

"I liked it, I liked playing on the soft play." - Betab 1H

"I favourite bit was on the tractor because we went and looked at the animals. One of the animals was chasing another one, it was so funny." - Ayanna 1H

"I liked going on the tractor because we saw the cows, they were funny but the tractor was bumpy." - Mamadou 1H

"They peacock were making funny noises, they were beautiful." - Ayaan 1H