Grestone Academy






Year 1 Trip to the Black Country Museum

On Thursday Year 1 visited the Black Country Museum as part of their History topic ‘Childhood Then and Now’ where they have been looking at toys, schools and houses from the past and comparing it to life now. The children had a lesson from an old fashioned teacher where they had to recite the alphabet and the times tables. They were shown how naughty children were punished in the old days - Mr Farooq was given the cane for being disruptive! They also were able to go around the old fashioned shops and went inside an old house where they could see the old fashioned fire was lit. They played with old fashioned street toys like the cup and ball, hoop and stick, skipping ropes and hobby horses. They also saw an old silent Laurel and Hardy film which all the children found absolutely hilarious! The children had a brilliant time and were amazed to compare the lives of children from the past to today, particularly the fact that children used to go to work from such a young age.