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Year 3 trip to Kingswood

On Thursday 16th November, Year 3 went on a trip to Kingswood Activity Centre as part of their History Topic ‘The Stone Age to the Iron Age’ where they had a Stone Age experience day. The children took part in four different activities which explored the life during the Stone Age. The first activity involved the children building a shelter using logs and sticks from the wood; during the Stone Age, hunter gatherers would have had to build temporary shelters as they travelled far and wide to hunt for food and would have needed a place to rest. The children then baked bread on an open fire whilst they learnt about the importance of fire for the Stone Age people and how significant this discovery would have been. The children then threw spears and shot bow and arrows (plastic ones!) as they discovered the tools people from the Stone Age would have used to hunt animals. Finally , they looked at ‘transport’. Did you know that the rocks that form the Stonehenge monument in Somerset came from Wales?! The children thought about how such large stones could be transported without modern machinery—they took part in an activity where they had to move a rock from one place to another using only string and logs and without touching the rock. Do you think they succeeded in moving the rock?

The children had utterly and totally enjoyed the day and they were buzzing all the way back to school on the coach! Please talk to your child about their experience—they would love to tell you all about it!


"I loved the day and want to do it all over again!" - Seerut

"It was fun and i liked doing all the things." - Hannah

"I enjoyed the day, there were lots of fun activities to do. I would like to have another visit and recommend people to go there." - Khattab

" I liked the whole day. It was fun."  - Ismaeel