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A warm welcome to Reception

The first point of entry for many children, choosing a Reception is an important step in your child's learning journey. Situated in Birmingham's beautiful suburb of Handsworth Wood, Grestone's Reception is a light, welcoming and exciting place for your child to develop their life-long love of learning. 

At Grestone Academy we recognise the importance of early years education in providing the essential foundation for all future learning and as such follow the Early Years Foundation framework (EYFS). Through both planned play and learning activities children have fun and are challenged in a stimulating environment. 

Reception School for Your Child

At Grestone's Phonics will play a big part in your child's day resulting in the ability to excel in their reading and spelling, quickly and in a fun way. Our environment is warm and welcoming and our classes are small with supportive and encouraging teachers.

Focusing equally on the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage allows all children to shine in the areas they are most confident while at the same time developing new skills and discovering new passions.

A Grestone Reception Child 

Each child at Grestone is treated as an individual and recognised for their own unique characteristics and strengths, however some commonalities are often commented on by visiting parents. Our Reception children are:

  • confident and outgoing
  • energetic
  • engaged
  • enthusiastic and 
  • curious 

A Look Inside Our Reception

Every day is an adventure in our Reception class. Book a visit below and explore our Reception for your child!

Grestone's was such a wonderful introduction to formal school with each day an exciting adventure in learning. Our daughter absolutely loved her Phonics lessons and was so proud to show off her new-found reading and writing skills!'  - Reception Parent


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