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See below for answers to any questions you may have regarding the online learning:


How will school support my child to learn at home?

We are making sure your children’s learning is high quality. All class teachers will be providing face-to-face Zoom lessons.

In Years 2 - 6 children will have two lessons in the morning- English and Maths followed by Reading.

Children in Reception and Y1 will have a Phonics and a story session.

Activities and tasks will be set on an online platform called Purple Mash. These will be set each day, to be completed and sent back to the teacher on the Purple Mash website.


How do I access these lessons?

You will have received an email with a username and password for Zoom and Purple Mash. Please spend some time with your child, practising how to log on.

Use Google to search for the zoom website or click on this link

You can enter your login details on the Purple mash website to access work set by the Class Teacher -


Are they easy to use?

These websites are easy to use once you are familiar with them. Teach your children to access them. Please watch these short Youtube videos to help you:






What happens if I don’t have a laptop or tablet that my child can use?

Please contact the school office to arrange a laptop for you to collect. We can also support with internet access if needed.


What happens if I’m having difficulties with accessing the lessons or Purple Mash?

Please call the office and we can guide you through it. If you have any issues with logins, the office can help.


Can my child just use work packs?

We are focusing a lot of time and effort on making sure your child can learn face to face. We believe this is the best way for your child to continue learning. All children need to be accessing online lessons every morning. It’s really important for children to focus on the Zoom lessons and the Purple Mash activities.

Work packs will be available to be collected from the office and will be made up of worksheets and reading for those families who may have difficulty accessing the internet.



How long should my child work for each day?

We want your children to continue to learn effectively throughout this period. We expect children to do 2 ½ hours learning  in the morning through Zoom and around 2 hours in the afternoon through Purple Mash activities.

For younger children in KS1 and EYFS, their Zoom sessions will be shorter with more work done through Purple Mash. We will review this as we go.

The government expects schools to provide a minimum of 3 hours per day of learning for children.


How will you assess my child’s work and progress?

You will be able to upload your child’s work through the Purple Mash website so the teachers can assess and feedback.

Click here to read guidance on how to upload work to Purple Mash.


How can I help my child?

You can help your child by looking at the YouTube tutorials to make sure they are ready to access Zoom and Purple Mash. Please explain the timetable to them, so they know what will be happening each day. Please settle your child in to a routine- getting up at the same time they normally do for school, having breakfast and making sure they are logged on and ready to go by 8.55am. Please also make sure they have a pen, pencil and paper to use. If you don’t have these please speak to the office.


Why aren’t you doing Zoom lessons all day?

We believe it is right to get a good balance for children. We want them to have face to face teaching but believe it would not benefit them to be on Zoom or online all day sat in front of a screen. We believe a good balance is face to face teaching in the mornings and more independent tasks in the afternoon.


How will you manage to provide Zoom lessons and online learning for all and also have children in school at the same time?

It is a huge undertaking for all primary schools to balance online learning for some, with face to face teaching at school for others. We ask that you bear with us as we adapt quickly to this new lockdown. It has been a huge undertaking to ensure that each class now has access to face to face teaching online with their class teacher. At times we may need to change this and have one set of Zoom lessons per year group where you child is taught the same work but by a different class teacher in the same year group. We will notify parents/children when this might need to be the case as we juggle all the learning needs.


What will keyworker children be doing in school?

Children in school in KS2 will be taking part in the same Zoom sessions and Purple Mash activities that children at home are doing. In KS1, the children in school will be doing largely the same lessons but taught in school with some links to the Zoom lessons at times.


Are there any other resources we can use at home?

Yes, there are links to different websites and resources on our website, please see the Home learning section.


What about some subjects like PE?

Please support your child throughout the week to get regular exercise. Within the weekly plans, teachers will also provide links to activities that can be done at home. Regular walks at this point are also good for your child’s physical and mental wellbeing.

What about the risks to children online?

It is incredibly important that parents and children are aware of the risks online. As children spend more time online in this period, this becomes even more important. Please read the online safety information on our website and share with your child in an age-appropriate way. Please read the letters below for more information about eSafety:

Zoom eSafety Letter

REMEMBER! Login to Zoom Lessons and Purple Mash to access your work. Work packs are a last resort.


Work Packs

wc 22nd February 2021

Reception Work Pack

Year 1 Work Pack