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Our Science Curriculum develops our pupils as Scientists through knowledge rich and inclusive learning sequences.

Our Science curriculum is designed to enhance children’s natural curiosity so that they are eager to learn the subject content as well as develop the necessary investigative skills; fostering a life-long interest in Science.

Our curriculum is developed to provide a meaningful and coherent Science education based on progression of knowledge and skills across the Key Stages. Our pupils acquire secure subject knowledge, questioning skills and communicate their ideas effectively using scientific vocabulary.


Science is taught as units across each Key Stage, in line with the Science Programmes of Study, delivering a coherent and progressive Science Curriculum. Each unit includes a strong focus on the skills of scientific knowledge as well as enquiry. Children learn through an investigative and exploratory approach that makes learning memorable.

Knowledge organisers are used to give the pupils an overview of the topic and are used for recall exercises.

There is a strong focus on discussion to broaden children’s scientific understanding.  Scientific vocabulary is specifically taught and revised throughout each unit. Grammarsaurus is used as a basic unit guide to create bespoke lessons and activities for children. We also use The PLAN materials to aid lesson planning and assessment.