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For our Uniform Policy please click here. 

We take pride in each and every one of our pupils at Grestone Academy, and know that they are equally proud to be wearing the school badge on their uniforms. 

We believe in the importance of a school uniform; it helps foster a sense of identity and unity.  As such, we require all pupils to wear full school uniform every day. 

Our uniform policy ensures that the uniform is simple and available on-line and at local chain stores at no extra cost than any other form of clothing.

Items specific to the school can be ordered on-line at: 

Those items are marked in the galleries below with an asterisk *.


We ask that all clothing including P.E. kits should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

We are grateful to parents and carers for their full support in seeing that high standards are maintained in the wearing of uniform, tidiness and cleanliness. We assume all parents and carers will ensure their child dresses according to the uniform list. 

Please note that whilst we have specific clothes identified as our Grestone Academy uniform we operate a gender neutral policy with regards to this - in other words pupils are free to wear any items of approved uniform clothing as long as they are in the agreed school colours - blue, white, black, or grey.


Reception - Year 6 Uniform

Uniform-(Reception-Year-6) (ID 1057)





Reception - Year 6 PE Kit 

PE-Kit (ID 1058)






Nursery Uniform

Nursery-Uniform (ID 1059)





Please note that jewellery is not allowed. If children have had their ears pierced, they may wear PLAIN STUDS only.


Our school branded uniform is supplied by Gogna School Wear.

The Gogna team can be contacted directly on 0121 5235572.