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Head of School's Welcome

I grew up in a small mining village, on top of a mountain in South Wales where I was a daughter to a father who was a coal miner and a mother who was a homemaker and later worked in a supermarket.  My parents had little aspiration for me as nobody in our family had ever been to university but when I had shown them that I would try my hardest to do my best, they supported me fully.  I came from a disadvantaged area where, luckily for me, my wonderful teachers both in primary and secondary school had high aspirations for me and that is why I am in the privileged position that I find myself in today. 

Deborah Steen

Head of School

This is what has driven me to be the best advocate for any child, especially disadvantaged children, that I am today – I believe that every child should be given the same opportunities no matter what their starting points in life are and that no child is given up on.

I came to study from the valleys to Wolverhampton University and graduated and remained in Walsall for the last 32 years.  I taught at Lower Farm Primary School for 21 years and then left to be the Deputy Headteacher of Salisbury Primary School.  I then quickly became Headteacher of the same school where I remained for the last six years.  Over that time, I took the school from Requires Improvement to being a Good school where my Ofsted report comments how my tenacity has ensured that the children received a good education under my leadership and that the school was all about the children.

This is my mantra for Grestone Academy.  We have a hugely committed staff team here and wonderful children, which of course, is a great place for any new head to start! I am pleased to say, that with my induction period over last term and with the unwavering support of the school team, and especially Hamstead Hall Trust, we are extremely excited about the journey ahead.  The needs of the children are always paramount in the life and decision making within a school. I strongly believe in providing the children with exciting, creative and meaningful learning experiences, which build their enthusiasm for learning and help them to grow and develop positively in a variety of ways. I think it is crucial to involve the children and their families as partners in their education and I hope that you’ve seen the beginnings of this.

I am also keen on building a whole school community which thrives on mutual respect and values positive relationships. I know how vital working in partnership with parents really is in order for children to find school a positive and rewarding experience. As key educators in your children’s lives, I feel that it is important that you have a voice and that as a school we are approachable and allocate time to listen to your concerns, worries or thoughts about the school.

You can be assured that as Headteacher, I will strive to create the best education for your child/children whilst they are members of our school family and to ensure that your children are safeguarded with total care and love.